Check Out VBS.TV’s “Gorillas In The Midst”

VBS.TV producers were so concerned with the mass gorilla slayings that happened a year ago in Virunga, that they went to Bwindi, in southern Uganda, and made a three part documentary on mountain gorillas. It is titled, "Gorillas in the Midst." They've put up their show for everyone to watch online. If you don't know... Continue Reading →

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh’s TED Talk on Bonobos

The following video is a bit dated, it's from 2004... but still I'm sharing it with you because it is very informative and rare. The video is of  Susan Savage-Rumbaugh's TED talk, in which she presents human traits and behaviors in bonobos, specifically the bonobo that made her famous, Kanzi.

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