New Tamarin Subspecies Found in Brazil

Researchers have discovered a new tamarin subspecies in the Amazon forest of Brazil. A subspecies of the saddleback tamarin, it was named Mura's saddleback tamarin (Saguinus fuscicollis mura) after the Mura Indians, the Amerindian ethnic group that lives in the Purus and Madeira river basins where the tamarins can be found. Artist Stephen Nash's rendition... Continue Reading →

No Sex Can do The Muriquis Harm

Muriquis feeding and resting. Photo from Primate Info Net. The muriquis, or woolly spider monkeys live in the rain forest of Brazil. They are considered peaceful individuals but an intra-community lethal attack had left researchers to reconsider how peaceful these monkeys are and why such attack occurred. The image of peaceful individuals mainly stemmed from... Continue Reading →

Chimpanzee Rationality

Michael Tomasello, one of the biggest and best primatologists out there, recently published a paper in Science on chimpanzee rationality. He and his colleagues setup a game where a human or chimpanzee receives something of value, and is able to share it with another. He found some interesting results. Generally speaking, humans made offers close... Continue Reading →

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