A New Primate Species From Myanmar Points To “Out Of Asia”

In the current early edition of the journal PNAS a new paper raises a suggestion that the common primate ancestor originated in Asia and not Africa through the discovery of a new species. This new 37-million-year-old fossil was discovered in the Pondaung sediment at Thamingyauk locality in Myanmar. The species has been named Afrasia djijidae based... Continue Reading →

New 42 million-year-old primate species found in prehistoric Texas

A new genus and three species of primate have been announced at last month's annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, and we just got news of it via Science Daily. The announcement has come by way of Jim Westgate, a professor of earth and space sciences at Lamar University and also research... Continue Reading →

Tarsier eating some sweet cricket chow

Funny how this video came up on one of my favorite blogs, because I've been meaning to talk about how tarsiers fit into the primate phylogeny. But, I won't get into that yet because this video of a little tarsier chowing down on some cricket is thoroughly entertaining:

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