Environmental Enrichment for Captive Primates: Recent Article on the Importance of Gum for Zoo Monkeys

By: Kristin Abt A recent article in the journal, Zoo Biology, discusses the current lack of gum enrichment for certain primate species in a captive setting that is in contrast to their wild behavior. Huber and Lewis (2011) surveyed zoos at an international scale to assess the occurrence and methods of “gum-based enrichment.” They identify... Continue Reading →

Nonhuman Primates Expect Rational Behavior

From this news release, is this Science paper, "The Perception of Rational, Goal-Directed Action in Nonhuman Primates" where Justin Wood of Harvard's Psychology department and colleagues., figure out that primates expect one another to act rationally. How? Well Wood and crew setup two sets of experiments that tested the behavioral response of over 120 primates,... Continue Reading →

Cotton-top Tamarin twins born in Hampshire Zoo

If you've never seen a cotton-top tamarin, it doesn't take much imagination to visualize what they look like. These little monkeys, are native to Colombia, and have a tale-tell head full of white fluffy hair. The general outlook on cotton-top tamarin survival has been pretty low because, "a combination of deforestation and exports for biomedical... Continue Reading →

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