URGENT! Inti Wara Yassi Wildlife Refuge in Bolivia needs our help!

I don't normally make out pleas to help out each and every conservation organization but my friend Allison, who worked for the following organization, told me about what's happening to it and this one is really serious. First some background, the conservation organization is speak of is the Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi, a wildlife refuge... Continue Reading →

Dutch Biologist Receives 14-year Sentence

One of Time Magazine's "Hero's for the Planet 2000", known for discovering new species (Callicebus bernhardi, Callicebus stephennashi, etc.) and focusing his attentions on protecting the rainforest has been convicted of failing to apply for a permit on behalf of the monkey refuge in his Brazilian home. It seems that without the permit (or license)... Continue Reading →

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