Detecting Human Caused Population Collapse in Orang-utans from Genetic Data

I'm gonna be sharing with you another state-of-the-orang-utan-union type article, however this time it is in the form of a scientific paper. The paper was just published in PLoS Biology, an open access academic journal... so you can read the first hand scientific accounts from anywhere. It is titled, "Genetic Signature of Anthropogenic Population Collapse... Continue Reading →

UN Reports that Orangutan Habitat will be gone in 15 years

Several news sources are reporting a startling warning from a UN Report which foreshadows that if illegal logging in South-East Asian forests continues at the rate it operating on, there are dire implications for orang-utans. Specifically, if no action is taken, the report estimates that 98% of forests on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo... Continue Reading →

Rehabilitated orangutans to be released into the wild

Soon the Baktikop forest will have few more inhabitants. According to Willie Smith, founder of BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival) Foundation (as reported in ANTARA News), the Forestry Ministry will allow for about 200 orangutans to be released to the protected Baktikop forest in early 2007. The Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Center in Central Kalimantan... Continue Reading →

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