Spread the word, “Choose the right biofuel or the Orang-utan gets it!”

Being 'green' or ecologically conscious is making big waves in current popular culture, especially in the United States. Many initiatives, such as clean fuels and renewable energy, seem like excellent alternatives to our energy sources we predominantly use right now. This is generally a good thing. But not all of these initiatives are ecological so... Continue Reading →

Quickie on Orangutan Bipedalism

Primatology.net has a sister site, if you don't know already, and that's Anthropology.net. This evening I put up a post there that may interest any one keen to primate locomotion and/or human evolution. The post is specifically on orangutan locomotion, specifically on how some researchers have observed a set of Sumatran Orangutans exhibit bipedal tendencies.... Continue Reading →

Keeping track of Primate Conservation

A new public database has been released that overviews the status of endangered and almost extinct animals. I feel like it is a critical and timely resource, especially in regards to primate conservation efforts. The project is called EDGE, and currently lemurs are at the top of the most critically endangered primates on that list,... Continue Reading →

When 48 becomes 50: two baby orangutans at Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Center

Towards the end of last year we posted on the anticipated release of 200 orangutans from the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Center in Central Kalimantan to the protected Baktikop forest. Their departure provided more room for 48 new residents from Thailand (which recently became 50 new residents). Willie Smits (Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation and Reconstruction... Continue Reading →

Baby Orangutan & Tiger are the best of friends

Captivity does strange things to animals, but what's happening at Taman Safari animal hospital in Java, Indonesia is outright remarkable! They have four babies in their care who normally wouldn’t get along. From the Daily Mail article, "The deadly enemies who are the best of friends," "Two Sumatran tiger cubs and two baby orang-utans, each... Continue Reading →

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