A new species of gray-cheeked mangabey announced

Professor of Bioanthropology, Dr. Colin Groves, of the Australian National University's Department of Anthropology has spent sometime studying a population of gray-cheeked mangabey (Lophocebus albigena). And his time spent studying this population has not been in vain. He actually found a novel trait in the skulls of this population of mangabeys, unique enough to be... Continue Reading →

Goodall opposes AIDS study on sooty mangabey monkeys

Jane Goodall is by now a household name amongst nearly everyone I know. Her work with chimpanzees in Gombe set the stage for awareness and advocacy towards non-human primates. Goodall has recently expanded her advocacy towards medical research on Cercocebus atys, also known as Sooty Mangabey monkeys. Sooty Mangabeys are listed as an endangered primate... Continue Reading →

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