A call for help in locating chimp facilities near Los Angeles

Last week, we were sent an email asking for help in locating a chimpanzee refuge near Los Angeles. The email specifically asked, "Do [we know of] any organizations that have a chimp facility near Los Angeles?" Betsy, rolled up her sleeves and did some serious Googling and the best found match was, Animal Haven Ranch... Continue Reading →

Nine chimpanzees have a new home at the Save the Chimps facility in Florida

To update Kambiz's previous mention of Carol Noon's chimp refuge, nine more chimpanzees arrived at the Save the Chimps 200 acre facility in Florida on Friday bringing the total number of residents to 99. Dr. Carol Noon, Save the Chimps Director, on their trip from New Mexico: "When they arrived, I got on the truck... Continue Reading →

Estrus asynchrony in chimps

Just want to quickly point out some interesting reading that popped up in this month’s issue of Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (and in a LiveScience post). Estrus cycle asynchrony in wild female chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii. The authors (Matsumoto-Oda, et al.) highlight the prevalence of the synchronized cycle mating strategy (among primates and other animals)... Continue Reading →

Good Bonobo News

National Geographic has a short story and video of a newly-discovered population of bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The large group may contain as many as 3,000 members, a welcome find for this dwindling population.

Drunken Monkeys

If you are as easily amused as I am, then you should get a good chuckle out of watching this video of Vervet monkeys crashing some bars in St. Kitts. I feel kinda guilty laughing at the drunk monkeys. If you also feel a bit guilty about this video, you can balance out your karma... Continue Reading →

Cotton-top Tamarin twins born in Hampshire Zoo

If you've never seen a cotton-top tamarin, it doesn't take much imagination to visualize what they look like. These little monkeys, are native to Colombia, and have a tale-tell head full of white fluffy hair. The general outlook on cotton-top tamarin survival has been pretty low because, "a combination of deforestation and exports for biomedical... Continue Reading →

Baby Orangutan & Tiger are the best of friends

Captivity does strange things to animals, but what's happening at Taman Safari animal hospital in Java, Indonesia is outright remarkable! They have four babies in their care who normally wouldn’t get along. From the Daily Mail article, "The deadly enemies who are the best of friends," "Two Sumatran tiger cubs and two baby orang-utans, each... Continue Reading →

Tarsier eating some sweet cricket chow

Funny how this video came up on one of my favorite blogs, because I've been meaning to talk about how tarsiers fit into the primate phylogeny. But, I won't get into that yet because this video of a little tarsier chowing down on some cricket is thoroughly entertaining:

Spider monkeys already know: Sometimes you need a hug.

Animals that live in groups often break into smaller groups (fission), and later recongregate (fusion). Fission-fusion behavior is often tied to resource availability, but can also be related to social dynamics (competition among group members can lead to conflict, and breaking into smaller groups can alleviate the conflict). While fissioning into subgroups can relieve tension... Continue Reading →

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