Rest in Peace Washoe

I've been unable to post on a lot of important primatology news as of late, I'll try to catch up this weekend. But I'm making time to quickly announce that Washoe has died. She was 42 years old and one of the first apes that was taught sign language, about 300 signs. She was known... Continue Reading →

Boing Boing on similarities between chimps and humans

Boing Boing is on fire, first they post on Bill Bass and now they post on a new study from Smithsonian which reviews the,"traits that [chimpanzees and humans] share, like altruism and vengeance, and those we don't, like spite and most social learning skills, are shedding light on what it means to be human."So check out the article, "Animal Insight."... Continue Reading →

Chimpanzee Rationality

Michael Tomasello, one of the biggest and best primatologists out there, recently published a paper in Science on chimpanzee rationality. He and his colleagues setup a game where a human or chimpanzee receives something of value, and is able to share it with another. He found some interesting results. Generally speaking, humans made offers close... Continue Reading →

Why do monkeys pee on their feet?

The American Journal of Primatology has published a paper by primatologist Kimran Miller and colleagues, who studied urine washing behavior among a population of capuchin monkeys. Prior to this study there have been some wild claims as to why so many monkeys pee on themselves. Some of them are: Peeing one oneself helps the monkey... Continue Reading →

Nonhuman Primates Expect Rational Behavior

From this news release, is this Science paper, "The Perception of Rational, Goal-Directed Action in Nonhuman Primates" where Justin Wood of Harvard's Psychology department and colleagues., figure out that primates expect one another to act rationally. How? Well Wood and crew setup two sets of experiments that tested the behavioral response of over 120 primates,... Continue Reading →

Human & Non-Human Ape Social Cognition Compared: Humans Have Evolved Specialized Skills

The web seemed to have exploded with news covering this hot-off-the-press open access Science paper, "Humans Have Evolved Specialized Skills of Social Cognition: The Cultural Intelligence Hypothesis." Before I jump into the paper, here are some news sources wrote about this paper: Higher Social Skills Are Distinctly Human, Toddler And Ape Study Reveals - ScienceDaily... Continue Reading →

Vanessa Woods Has a New Blog! Check It Out!

Vanessa Woods, whom we've mentioned on before, has started a new blog titled, "Bonobo Handshake," where she will document her current research trip to study endangered bonobos in Congo. She'll be writing from Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary. There are already a number of awesome blog posts where she documents the her field research. I've... Continue Reading →

Self-controlling Chimpanzee

There's a new and unique behavior of chimpanzees being documented in the journal Biology Letters that I think the primatologist in you will appreciate.  Chimps that have a hard time acquiring lots of food purposely busy themselves in order to avoid the temptation of gorging themselves straight away. The study shows that, these chimps welcome... Continue Reading →

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