Foresight & Innovation in a Devious Chimpanzee

A chimpanzee in at the Furuvik Zoo in Sweden is documented to store various projectile object to be thrown at zoo visitors at a later time. The results of this study has been published in PLoS One, "Spontaneous Innovation for Future Deception in a Male Chimpanzee." I think its a pretty fascinating discussion of foresight,... Continue Reading →

Non-Human Primate Tool Use: Gorillas Wielding Weapons, Macaques & Mirror Neurons

I'm scouring the American Journal of Primatology for a paper on gorillas using tools as weapons in the wild. National Geographic News says the paper is out, but I can't find it anywhere in the early edition nor in the current issues. I'll continue looking, but in the mean time here's what we got to... Continue Reading →

Rhesus Macaques are Statisticians

There's new research coming out from Nature that shows us rhesus macaques are really tuned into statistics and probabilities, they may even have neurons specialized to calculate probabilities. But don't get your hopes up too high... these monkeys will not be your bookies or be crunchin' gout some gnarly ANOVA tests with p-value significance. What... Continue Reading →

Using Macaques to treat Parkinson’s Disease

I consider Pakinson's a very devastating neurodegenerative disease because the affected individuals are fully aware of their degeneration. Unlike Alzheimer's, where individuals become jaded as the disease progresses, individuals with Parkinson's are very conscious of what's happening or actually what's not functioning correctly -- and they can't do a thing about it! So some new findings... Continue Reading →

FEELIX Growing: Robots and the animal mind

BBC News recently reported on a pretty interesting three-year long research project that is not the typical non-human primate-focused research we usually highlight on this site, but I couldn’t resist bringing it up. The project, FEELIX Growing, a multi-national project is aiming to create robots that read and react to humans in an appropriate manner.... Continue Reading →

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