Yaws disease among gorillas and the affect it has on reproductive success

In the past, we have covered how pathogens like Ebola virus and Anthrax bacteria are causing thousands of deaths among great ape populations in Africa. In this post I will introduce another pathogen, one that causes Yaws disease, that is having severe affect on the reproductive success of gorillas, as reported by Florence Levréro et... Continue Reading →

Ethical Concerns about maintaining the US’ Chimp population for Biomedical Research

Again, many thanks to Betsy, who sent me a copy of the Science article over-viewing some of the ethics and current debate topics about the use of chimpanzees in biomedical research in the United States. The topic and scope of this piece is very poignant, it tackles two critical and morally charged topics in our... Continue Reading →

Unexpected birth at Chimp Haven

Photo by Amy Fultz Despite all residents receiving vasectomies prior to arrival at Chimp Haven, the caregivers stumbled upon a surprise yesterday morning... a healthy baby chimpanzee in the arms of her mother. Chimp Haven reports that their next step is to determine paternity and address the failed vasectomy. This is an interesting occurrence given... Continue Reading →

Examining the genetic variation between humans and chimpanzees may help develop cures for several diseases

In a paper from the November issue of Genome Research, researchers from the Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at the National Health Research Institutes are closely examining the genetic variation between humans and chimpanzees (I don’t have access to it yet – free online access is available to Genome Research articles 6 months after publication,... Continue Reading →

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