Pandemic Human viruses causing a massive decline in Great Ape populations

A new Current Biology paper has documented what I've been following attentively sine 2006, the effect of exposure of human pathogens to great apes in the wild. The paper, "Pandemic Human Viruses Cause Decline of Endangered Great Apes," is out on early advance release. In order to thoroughly study the epidemiology of two communities of... Continue Reading →

Ecotourism is causing infant mortality among Tibetan Macaques

According news bite of a long term study of Tibetan macaques (Macaca thibetana) in the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area of China's Anhui Province, ecotourism is doing more harm than good. In the October edition of the International Journal of Primatology, the results of a 19 year long study will show that skyrocketing infant mortality coincided... Continue Reading →

The Curse of the Monkey’s Paw

Did you know that between October 2005 to September 2006, US airport inspectors "reported 50 incidents of discovered bushmeat, with each shipment averaging about 9 pounds? That works out to about one shipment being caught every week!" That is what the CDC has reported in an article over at ABC News. The article, "Bushmeat: Curse... Continue Reading →

Guess where humans got crabs from?

The science blogosphere has been buzzing about new published research that has focused studying the origins of a sexually transmitted disease, crabs which also known as pubic lice. Before I talk about this paper I wanna thank Carl Zimmer, who opened up a public discussion with a question of the day: How Do You Get... Continue Reading →

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