Quickie on Orangutan Bipedalism

Primatology.net has a sister site, if you don't know already, and that's Anthropology.net. This evening I put up a post there that may interest any one keen to primate locomotion and/or human evolution. The post is specifically on orangutan locomotion, specifically on how some researchers have observed a set of Sumatran Orangutans exhibit bipedal tendencies.... Continue Reading →

On the biophysics of Sumatran orangutan swaying

In almost one year of blogging here, we haven't yet covered how the study of biophysics intersects with primatology. (Update: I realized I kinda lied, I forgot about this post on gibbon gait. Oops.) Biophysics, in a sense, is the study of the form and function of bodies, and is formally defined as the application... Continue Reading →

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