One more word on, and a video of, chimps hunting with spears

Two more things about the chimps using spears to hunt other primates. Firstly, it looks like Christopher Mims is just as unsurprised as I have been about the news of the chimps using spears to hunt. He outlines why, in the form of what we already know about chimpanzees. I skimmed over these reasons, so... Continue Reading →

Questioning the ethics of using a monkey to control a robotic arm

I'm opening this post to a discussion of using primates in research as seen in the following video. Feel free to throw in your two cents... but let's lay down some rules. In order to participate, first watch the video and then I'll subjugate you to kindly read my previous posts on this subject matter.... Continue Reading →

Monkey see, monkey do

Paul Wren, from Wanna be an Anthropologist, emailed me this article, "Neonatal Imitation in Rhesus Macaques" the other night. I'm not surprised that John Hawks has already commented on it, but even super-blog Boing Boing has posted on it! The research shows that through several behavioral tests, like infant humans, newborn Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta)... Continue Reading →

Unethical Primate Research

While I don't intend to shock what little reader base this site already has, there definately is a necessity to show videos like these to raise questions about the ethics of primate research. This video goes behind the scenes to uncover the mistreatment of mostly macaques at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. Matt Rossell... Continue Reading →

Kanzi playin’ Pacman

Here's a video of Kanzi, a famous bonobo now at the Great Ape Trust of Iowa, playing Pacman. He definately gets into it and is more skilled than I at this game. Kanzi is an impressive ape all around, not only is he a legit gamer but he also has mastered the language board and... Continue Reading →

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