Sue Savage-Rumbaugh’s TED Talk on Bonobos

The following video is a bit dated, it's from 2004... but still I'm sharing it with you because it is very informative and rare. The video is of  Susan Savage-Rumbaugh's TED talk, in which she presents human traits and behaviors in bonobos, specifically the bonobo that made her famous, Kanzi.

Spinning Silverback

Leaving stoic stereotypes behind, this silverback shows his playful side with a caregiver.  Having no idea what the TV show is about, I find it best to watch the video without any sound. Thanks to the Tonia at the Gorilla Keepers Forum for pointing it out!

Testing Chimpanzees for Cultural Transmission

The amount of evidence that is out there in support of chimpanzee culture is rather overwhelming if you ask me. Most primatologists will agree that these socially, intellectually, and emotionally complex great apes have unique behaviors and learning systems that begin to mimic our own cultures and social structures. In a new Current Biology research... Continue Reading →

Chimpanzee Sit-Ups

From time to time I like to put up a funny primate related piece of media to break the monotony that sometimes is 'hardcore' science. Considering, we just had a row of such material, here's a video that you may enjoy. I for one got a good chuckle out of it. Though sometimes the animals... Continue Reading →

Drunken Monkeys

If you are as easily amused as I am, then you should get a good chuckle out of watching this video of Vervet monkeys crashing some bars in St. Kitts. I feel kinda guilty laughing at the drunk monkeys. If you also feel a bit guilty about this video, you can balance out your karma... Continue Reading →

Tarsier eating some sweet cricket chow

Funny how this video came up on one of my favorite blogs, because I've been meaning to talk about how tarsiers fit into the primate phylogeny. But, I won't get into that yet because this video of a little tarsier chowing down on some cricket is thoroughly entertaining:

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