Japan’s odd couple – A primate-rodent friendship between Capybaras & Squirrel Monkeys

One of our more popular posts of all time has been the photos of the tiger and orangutan friendships I shared with you several months back. To rekindle that interest, I've come accross a Reuters news piece on a similar friendship... but this time it is between squirrel monkeys and giant South American rodents called capybaras. And... Continue Reading →

A new mouse lemur: Goodman’s mouse lemur, Microcebus lehilahytsara

Since mouse lemurs made our blog a couple times last year, and that one of our readers recently commented on how she was doing a report on them, I figured you may want to see photo of a newly described species of mouse lemur: Goodman's mouse lemur, Microcebus lehilahytsara. Check out a photo of one... Continue Reading →

Photo of Geladas in mid-grooming

When I first saw this beautiful image of geladas, I thought it was two males mourning a dead comrade. But after reading the caption, boy was I ever wrong. What's happening here is grooming. I wanted to share this photo with you because grooming is one of the most common behavioral features between all primates,... Continue Reading →

Photos from Cheeta the Chimp’s 75th Birthday

Photos from Cheeta the chimpanzee's 75th birthday are making the rounds on the internet. So far Digg and Neatorama put up some links to the photos. I've rounded some of the more adorable ones, from here, but if anyone has others to share, please link us up.

The Return of the Spear Using Chimps

Thanks to afarensis, I woke up this morning to find news that the very same chimps that use spears to hunt, have been observed to use caves during hot days, to avoid the heat. These chimpanzees live in a region of Senegal where it is mostly an, "arid savanna habitat dominated by open grassland and... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Cheeta the Chimpanzee!

From John Lynch, of the blog Stranger Fruit, I got note that tomorrow will be Cheeta, the chimpanzee's birthday. Cheeta will be 75 years old tomorow, making him the oldest, known mind you, living non-human primate. I speak on the behalf of everyone here at Primatology.org, on wishing him a happy birthday with many more... Continue Reading →

Understanding the evolution of human emotional communication through chimpanzee facial expressions

Coming from a graduate program where I had the opportunity to study humans as well as non-human animals, I sometimes became frustrated with the liberties that were (seemingly) allowed in research with humans, but not non-human animals. Namely the use of physiological markers (facial expressions in infants and young children) in identifying emotions. Emotion regulation... Continue Reading →

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