Orangutans: Geographic Variation in Behavioral Ecology and Conservation

New volume is the first to offer a site-by-site comparison of data recording similarities, differences in orangutan populations Des Moines, Iowa – January 29, 2009 – Great Ape Trust of Iowa scientist Dr. Serge Wich and three other internationally respected orangutan experts have edited a book set for release in the United States next month... Continue Reading →

Baboon Metaphysics: The Evolution of a Social Mind

Baboon MetaphysicsDorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth, authors of "How Monkeys see the World" and co-authors of "Primate Social Systems" have published yet another thought provoking book on their studies of baboon. In 1838 Charles Darwin jotted in a notebook, "He who understands baboon would do more towards metaphysics than Locke." Baboon Metaphysics is Dorothy L.... Continue Reading →

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