Introducing A New Guest Blogger, Kristin Abt

Kristin Abit is a new guest blogger here at She is currently a Master’s student, studying Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology at the University of Maryland. Her undergraduate degree was in Biology and Psychology from Loyola University, also in Maryland.

Kristin has over 5 years of experience in the zoo field as an animal keeper. She primarily cared for lemurs and Old World monkeys. She also participated in field research experiences in Costa Rica and Malaysian Borneo. Her research interests focus on improving animal wellbeing through applied research in the captive setting, especially relating to environmental enrichment and animal management. In a border scope, she also tells me she is interested in conservation education and conservation psychology.

I left primate care several years ago, so I’m happy to have someone like Kristin, with so much primate care under her belt, help us out. I’m looking forward to reading her posts!

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