Friendship In Male And Female Baboons

Laelaps has an interesting post on friendship in male and female baboons. Check out the post, “You just call out my name…”: Friendships in Male and Female Baboons. Insightful hypotheses explaining the friendship between male and female baboon. Would love to read more papers and data on this.

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2 thoughts on “Friendship In Male And Female Baboons

  1. An old post but in case anybody reads this, there are at least 2 newish studies that seem to partly answer the question of why these friendships form.

    “Friendships” between new mothers and adult males: adaptive benefits and determinants in wild baboons. (Papio cynocephalus)

    Click to access Nguyen%20et%20al%202009.pdf

    Half of male friends in the above study were the father of the offspring. The other half weren’t fathers and in fact had platonic friendships with the females, so what they obtained from the relationship is undetermined.

    Hedging their bets? Male and female chacma baboons form friendships based on likelihood of paternity.

    Click to access moscovice%20-%20anim%20behav.pdf

    As the title indicates, more evidence that paternity plays a role in male-female friendship.

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