Introducing Ruben Blijdorp, A New Editor To

As you may have noticed, the last book review posted on the other day, was not authored by me. In fact, it was authored by Ruben Blijdorp, a primatologist from Holland. He contacted me the other week expressing interest in helping out with this site. He has studied under Jan van Hooff and Liesbeth Sterck at Utrecht University and has conducted field work with the orangutans at Gunung Leuser National Park, Indonesia. He’s going to be pursuing his PhD soon and is really passionate about primates.

Ruben is going to act as an editor, contributing posts and upping the scientific context when needed. Since we’ve had many rogue commentors, he’s also going to help me keep the discussion threads on track and commentors well behaved. Usually, I post these sorts of introductions before the new members blogs, but I was flying all yesterday and just only got a chance to sit down and write this. Furthermore, I am very busy lately and often neglect this blog from time to time, so I’m really excited to have his help and look forward to reading what he has to add. I want to send off a warm welcome Ruben to, and hope you all do too!

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  1. Dear Kambiz,

    Thank you for the introduction.
    I’m happy to have found this blog and look forward to hearing from all of you on topics you would like to see on this blog. News articles and scientific developments seem obvious choices. I also notice there is a huge interest in the controversy around primate conservation and the effects on local populations, although not everyone participating in the discussion seems to be as interested in solving this problem as they are in picking a fight.
    This brings me to another point: the rules of conduct on this board. In general the posters create a positive, upbeat atmosphere with some notable exceptions. I will be watching your activity closely and have low tolerance for immature behavior. So no racism, foul language, insulting remarks or advocating cruelty to animals or people. I personally guarantee your post will not make it past moderation and you will not get the attention you seek if you choose to submit posts like this.
    This board should be a fun place to exchange ideas and learn more about primates and their environment.

    If you have any questions about me or about the board, please let me know and drop me a mail at


  2. It seems you are not taking care of that blog anymore…its a pitty.

    Do u have other suggestions for similar blogs on related topics than?

    1. Hi Orlin,

      I took a long break for the holidays, resulting in a delay in this blog. However, we’re definitely still here! Keep posting and reading.

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