Charlie Rose’s Talk On Gorilla Murders In Virunga National Park

Charlie Rose interviewed Emmanuel de Merode of WildLifeDirect, Brent Stirton and Godefroid Wambale four days ago — three men who know about the massacre of gorillas that happened last year in Virunga National Park. Their interview covers their account of the day where six gorillas were killed.

I’m very pleased with this interview, and even more displeased at Georgianne Nienaber’s comment. Nienaber is an ‘investigative environmental writer’ and tactiless opponent to WildlifeDirect and the ICCN rangers. She says that the arrest of Honore Mashagiro in March of 2008 in relation to these killings was all a setup and masterminded by the strategic interests of white supremacists — and the hero, Paulin Ngobobo is nothing but a figure head. I think she’s smoking crack. She’s using this excellent discussion on gorilla conservation with a major news source to leverage her own conspiracy theory, that is ‘founded’ on no evidence, whatsoever.

4 thoughts on “Charlie Rose’s Talk On Gorilla Murders In Virunga National Park

  1. Thanks for commenting on Nienaber’s nonsense. I tried to read the “story” she posted to the Charlie Rose site, but after four paragraphs it didn’t make any sense. She never quite gets from point A to point B, does she? Old Georgianne has written a few articles trashing Wildlife Direct and all NGOs in the DRC, including DFGFI. Crazy is as crazy does …


  2. Gorillas are not conscious – they are exactly equal to cows or any other non conscious animal. This just has to be by now a proven fact! No one is going to believe that a pigeon is conscious – yet B.F. Skinner proved long ago he could teach one to “talk” as well or better than a chimp. And, that famous african grey parrot could “talk” 10 times better than any Chimp anywhere! A correction is needed here! You can only “Murder a human” – you know, like maybe even in “abortion”, but one can never “murder” an Animal! Please! let us return to reality. Only in cartoons do animals become talkative, and conscious!

    1. Hal, I’m sorry to hear that you think primates, esp. gorillas, are “non conscious” animals. Great apes have been documented to have a sense of awareness. They can recognize their image in front of the mirror, which proves that they also have a sense of self and their surrounding.

      It is well documented that Koko the gorilla can use sign language to communicate and express her emotions. Look her up on youtube. You’ll be surprised.

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