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Charlie Rose interviewed Emmanuel de Merode of WildLifeDirect, Brent Stirton and Godefroid Wambale four days ago — three men who know about the massacre of gorillas that happened last year in Virunga National Park. Their interview covers their account of the day where six gorillas were killed.

I’m very pleased with this interview, and even more displeased at Georgianne Nienaber’s comment. Nienaber is an ‘investigative environmental writer’ and tactiless opponent to WildlifeDirect and the ICCN rangers. She says that the arrest of Honore Mashagiro in March of 2008 in relation to these killings was all a setup and masterminded by the strategic interests of white supremacists — and the hero, Paulin Ngobobo is nothing but a figure head. I think she’s smoking crack. She’s using this excellent discussion on gorilla conservation with a major news source to leverage her own conspiracy theory, that is ‘founded’ on no evidence, whatsoever.