Blue Monkeys From Uganda Increase Frequency Of Alarm Calls If Others Are In Danger

Klaus Zuberbühler and team published his report of blue monkey vocalizations in the Royal Society's journal Biology Letters. The paper is titled, "Male blue monkeys alarm call in response to danger experienced by others." I don't have access to the journal, nor am I willing to pay $50 for the privileged to read it. If... Continue Reading →

Current Biology Covers The 60th Anniversary Of The Founding of Primatology in Japan

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of primatology in Japan, thanks to the works of Kinji Imanishi. Current Biology hosts an essay by Tetsuro Matsuzawa and William McGrew, which reviews Imanishi's contributions to the field. The essay can be found at this link, "Kinji Imanishi and 60 years of Japanese primatology." I'm... Continue Reading →

Orangutans Are Shockingly Closer To Extinction blogger German Dziebel sent me this link about the dim future of orangutans in Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia. Afarensis has also covered this news. The results of a new survey of orangutan populations have been published in the journal Oryx. I don't have access to the early advance view of the paper, but one... Continue Reading →

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