Orangutan using tool to fish

By Gerd Schuster

10 thoughts on “Orangutan using tool to fish

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  1. Just because an animal mimics people does don’t mean that they are capable of developing and using tools… Look at that “spear” and tell me it is not crafted by man and I’ll call you a liar.

    Wow… actually if you look at the RGB color info in this pic you can see it’s totally a joke, compare the color to the color data surrounding the splash; I guess that monkey created a splash from a different color palate.

    Oh wait! It’s even more obvious, there is no shadow for that “spear”

    The angle at which the subject of the photo is holding the “spear” does not coincide biomechanically with the direction of the fake splash.

    The splash exists only on the x axis visually in this photo and the point of entry where the “spear” exists in this photo is undisturbed.

    Fluids dont move in a direction as shown in the photo, the Photoshop smudge tool does.

    If you dont under stand those, maybe then you can explain why they call it spearing when the fake splash more closely resembles vertical surface penetration then it does the proposed 30 deg. angle of entry that would have been necessary to indicate a thrusting motion at a supposed object in this photo.

    This is at best a mostly lies, at worst complete lies.

    1. Hilarious. Never heard so much rubbish in my life. Don’t you belong on reddit with the other photoshop ‘detectives’, ruining peoples’ and lives days with their arrogance and ignorance?

    2. theres no shadow for the monkey you twat. let me guess the monkey was photo shopped too. And water doesn’t refract light and make rainbows.. thats impossible.

      The spear obviously did no enter the water in a pure thrusting motion, but had an aspect of a downwards slash.

      rivers, and the bottom of rivers create currents you would only dream of without experiencing them.

      You are a fucking idiot, did you read the article, the orangutang was not good at spearfishing, just tried to do it, imagine a 3 year old trying to spear fish…. not coordinated enough to carry do it effectively.

      You sir are a fucking moron.

  2. Jeremy, if you’d bothered to read the article instead of playing Sherlock Holmes, you would have read the part that stated, “a male orangutan…FLAILS the water with a pole…”

    So no, he isn’t thrusting the pole into the water, he’s slapping the water with it. Hence the splash.

    Furthermore, nowhere in the article does it state the orangutan made the pole himself.

    Learn to read, smartguy.

    1. It is true that the use of tools can shed light on the intellectual even cultural evolution of the orangutans of Borneo. Just as the Sumatran orangutans are using tools to open prickly fruits. The fact that the oragutan is flailing at the water does not undermine the fact that he knows what he is trying to do. I am excited to see more tool development and any other cultural developments that may take place. Outstanding that we are licky enought to have witnessed this.

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