Anderson Cooper on the Mountain Gorilla situation

One of our readers, Patty, sent me an email telling me of a 60 Minutes Broadcast with Anderson Cooper reporting on the plight of the Mountain Gorilla. The special is broadcasting on Sunday night, December 9th, 2007 on CBS. Innocent, Augustin and Diddy talk with Anderson Cooper

I’ve been keeping track of this situation by reading the Gorilla Protection blog, run by ICCN Rangers at Virunga National Park who write about their daily fight to protect these Mountain Gorillas. It seems like Samatha, one of the bloggers at Gorilla Protection, wrote about Anderson’s visit back in late October. Check it out. It is nice to see the mainstream media is covering this news.

If you want to see a short little teaser of the 60 min clip on Mountain Gorillas with Anderson Cooper, click here.

2 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper on the Mountain Gorilla situation

  1. How much charcoal do we need to send to save the gorillas? Do not show the problem without suggesting some answers.

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