URGENT! Inti Wara Yassi Wildlife Refuge in Bolivia needs our help!

I don’t normally make out pleas to help out each and every conservation organization but my friend Allison, who worked for the following organization, told me about what’s happening to it and this one is really serious.

First some background, the conservation organization is speak of is the Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi, a wildlife refuge in Parque Machía, near Villa Tunari, Bolivia. They house many animals, such as capuchin, spider, and squirrel monkeys. Recently, Jane Goodall did a special for Animal Planet where she listed her 5 heroes and she chose the founder, Juan Carlos Antezana, as her final one in the show. They are a great organization and do much more than help save wildlife.

The bad news is that Inti Wara Yassi is in jeopardy and the animals need our help! Some of the land they use for facilities such as the veterinary clinic, monkey quarantine and small animals area will be sold off by the landlord if they don’t raise $30,000 USD within two weeks. Sounds like black mail to me… the loss of these facilities may mean the animals die. That’s a lot of monkeys that will lose their lives because of this petty situation.

Please help out Inti Wara Yassi! Some money has been donated but it ain’t $30k yet! Any little bit helps…You can donate money directly to the organization by visiting the site and you can also help spread the word and bring attention to this situation by digging up this on Digg.com. That way thousands more people will read about it and potentially help.

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