Dutch Biologist Receives 14-year Sentence

One of Time Magazine‘s “Hero’s for the Planet 2000“, known for discovering new species (Callicebus bernhardi, Callicebus stephennashi, etc.) and focusing his attentions on protecting the rainforest has been convicted of failing to apply for a permit on behalf of the monkey refuge in his Brazilian home. It seems that without the permit (or license) Brazil sees the orphaned monkeys as stolen.

Dutch Biologist Marc van Roosmalen reported that he had previously filed for permits (1996, 1998, 2000) but received no reply from Ibama (the environmental protection agency). Apparently it is generally accepted that if you don’t receive word after 45 days, the application has been accepted. While officials have acknowledged that van Roosmalen did apply, they deny that the 45-day rule is “not explicit in the legislation.”

I first learned of this from Primate-Science listserv yesterday where the post began with a statement of shock before requesting suggestions on how everyone could help… feel free to post your own thoughts which I will gladly pass along.

(photo courtesy of the Apenheul Foundation via Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

One thought on “Dutch Biologist Receives 14-year Sentence

  1. I have no useful suggestions on how to deal with this unbelievably shitty situation, so I can just offer my moral support and wishes of quick and *rational* resolution.

    Let us know if there is anything we can do (sign a petition, maybe ?)

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