Ndakasi an Orphaned Gorilla Rescued After Mom was Shot “Execution Style”

So I’ll be straight up honest with you here, I’m still a bit shell shocked with this comment left this evening that basically defending the bushmeat industry.

I know there are always whack jobs out there, but this person really took the cake; his or her arguments for bushmeat, or ‘survival foods’ as they term it, seemed to mimmick a holocaust denier’s rhetoric. I guess I am ignorant and have been naive to assume that people are in favor of protecting endangered species, especially great apes and other primates, from being consumed by humans.

Bushmeat and poaching is a very real problem that faces those of us interested in the conservation of primates. An example that comes to my mind happened earlier this year, when a silverback male gorilla was shot and killed by rebels mainly for sport. And just yesterday came news of another example, which is just as depressing. It has just been reported in National Geographic’s Photos in the News but original came by way of Paulin and his blog, Gorilla Protection,Close Up of Ndakasi

“June 11, 2007—A baby mountain gorilla has been left orphaned and fighting for its life after its mother was shot and killed in eastern Congo, African wildlife workers report.

Rangers discovered the two-month-old gorilla clinging to the breast of its slain mother last Friday in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Rebel militias in the area have been accused of slaughtering and eating the critically endangered apes.

The baby, named Ndakasi, is in critical condition, having spent some 18 hours alone after its mother was shot in the arm and then “execution style” in the back of the head, said WildlifeDirect, the African conservation nonprofit. The find comes as a grim counterpoint to the recent rare birth of a mountain gorilla in the park.

The orphaned newborn is now receiving emergency treatment from the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project.

Known as Rubiga, the dead female belonged to one of the largest remaining mountain gorilla groups, which has 34 members, WildlifeDirect said. “

Defenders may say these acts of killings are necessary to sustain nutrition and food to people without resources to buy meat. But this is not sustainable hunting and should not be advocated whatsoever. Species like gorillas are severely endangered and hunting them to extinction will not provide stable nutritional income for people. I can’t believe I have to explain that, but it seems like some don’t get it. Furthermore. hunting them displaces and disbands gorilla families causing a ripple effect. Gorillas need not be hunted, that’s the bottom line.

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