Being ‘green’ or ecologically conscious is making big waves in current popular culture, especially in the United Orangutans & BiofuelStates. Many initiatives, such as clean fuels and renewable energy, seem like excellent alternatives to our energy sources we predominantly use right now. This is generally a good thing.

But not all of these initiatives are ecological so great when implemented.

Just last week, I toldya how the palm oil industry is displacing and effectively killing orangutans to the brink of extinction.

Well, it seems like Green Peace, a ecological activist movement, has also gotten word on this issue and is mobilizing a strong and effective campaign to raise awareness and hopefully prevent further deforestation and deaths. I was contacted by Andrew, on behalf of Green Peace to help spread the word.

The following video is something you need to watch and you should blog about, digg, email, etc.:

In his email to me, Andrew wrote:

“I am one of many people trying to get some exposure for this campaign and spread the word about the issues surrounding bio-fuels that people, even your perhaps more informed site visitors, might not know. This is a video I think they and everyone else should at east watch and be aware of the message it contains. Green economics, politics and practices are becoming increasingly complex and tied into business. What people are doing that they think IS green and helping animals might really be making things much worse. Its important for people to know they don’t have to preach, take sides or chain themselves to the nearest shrub! Just be informed and help make others.”

I couldn’t say it any better, Andrew. Biofuels may help the battle against climate change, but they are currently doing more harm than good. If rain forests are cut down to make way to grow ‘green fuels’, it will not only destroy homes for animals like the Orang-utans, this will also be catastrophic for the climate releasing more greenhouse gases from destroying forests than will be saved by using biofuels.

For visitors of this site that are from the UK, you can help the effort by sending a email to your transport minister, Stephen Ladyman, telling him that we need for rigorous controls on biofuels. Otherwise the green dream really will become a nightmare.

So please spread the word, at least by digging or stumbling the video!