Koko the Chimpanzee

File photo shows a chimpanzee named Koko looking out from his cage at Skopje Zoo in Macedonia, February 12, 2007. The U.S. National Institutes of Health, which supports a variety of biomedical studies using animals, will stop breeding government-owned chimpanzees for research — a step animal rights advocates lauded on Thursday.

REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski

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  1. Good News! Koko the Chimp from Skopje Zoo in Macedonia is being transferred to a great primate sanctuary in the Netherlands called AAP Sanctuary. The zoo signed the release contract last week and we are in the process of the transportation logistics. He is going to be well taken care of and much happier! Thanks for your efforts!

  2. I read today that Koko is still in Skopje and waiting for his departure to a happier life in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, nobody knows when this will happen now..

  3. Rija,

    Koko’s transfer will happen around June 2008. The logisitics are being organized, i.e. plane, vets, paper work and quarantine.
    Thank you!

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