The Great Gorilla Run – A fund-raising conservation event for Gorillas

Oh, have you heard of the Great Gorilla Run? It is a fund-raising event, and the soonest run will take place on Sunday, June 10th 2007 at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Great Gorilla RunThe run is organized by the Gorilla Organization, an international charity working to protect the survival of gorillas in their natural environment. With Mountain gorillas the most endangered species of gorillas (only about 400 of them left in the wild!) it is imperative any conservation effort for gorillas be taken. As the site advocates,

“By taking part in the Great Gorilla Run and raising money, you can make a real difference. Your donation will make a future possible not only for the mountain gorilla and the fragile forests they call home, but will support the livelihood of communities and children in need. Your effort to do something is one that matters.”

The premise of the run is kinda funky, participants all dress up in gorilla costumes and run 7K or 4.3 miles. I imagine it will be a very hot and dehydrating run but definitely worth it. I’m putting up a couple photos Great Gorilla Runof the previous event on this post, but there’s also (a dated) video too. The minimum entry fee to participate in the run is $400, as far as I can tell, and if you wanna run in the SF event there is still time to register.

Sorry about cutting it short with the announcement, I know June 10th is just around the corner. If I had known any sooner about the Great Gorilla Run, I woulda surely told you much sooner. You know, to help spread the word. Unfortunately though, Betsy found out about it yesterday and sent me a message with a link to it. I just had to post about it despite the fact it is rather short notice.

If June 10th is not your thing or that San Francisco isn’t easily accessible to you, there will be another run! No worries! The next Great Gorilla Run is scheduled to take place on the 22nd of September, 2007 on a Saturday in London! I think it is priced similarly, but in Pounds instead of Dollars. They say,

“All we need you to do now is pay a £100 registration fee and make a pledge to raise a minimum of £400 sponsorship for the Gorilla Organization.”

If you are interested, please participate. Also, please help spread the word about this wonderful and creative conservation charity event. You can do that by digging (to your right), emailing the site URL ( to your friends and families, and blogging about it on your own personal blogs.

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