Since mouse lemurs made our blog a couple times last year, and that one of our readers recently commented on how she was doing a report on them, I figured you may want to see photo of a newly described species of mouse lemur: Goodman’s mouse lemur, Microcebus lehilahytsaraGoodman’s mouse lemur, Microcebus lehilahytsara.

Check out a photo of one of these critters to the right.

I do not have an official press release or scientific publication. Actually, I’ve picked this up from a fellow blogger,

“The German primatologists chose this name to honor Steve Goodman, scientist with The Field Museum in Chicago and WWF in Madagascar. “Goodman’s field research in all remote parts of Madagascar has contributed enormously to our knowledge about the diversity of Madagascar’s unique and threatened fauna and flora,” Kappeler says.

“It is truly an honor to have such an animal named after me,” Goodman says, “but this is really a joint tribute to all of the scientists and students who have taken part in our multidisciplinary surveys over the past 16 years.”

It has a long bushy tail, relatively small ears and large testes, which are suggestive of a promiscuous mating system.”

I don’t get the comment on the feature correlation and the mating system. But it’s a cool announcement, none-the-less.