Atlanta Zoo’s Orangutans play video games!

Well hot dang, I was reading Omni Brain the other day, where Steve broke the news that Atlanta Zoo's orangutans play video games. But I didn't post about it, not because it ain't primatology related news, but because there wasn't a video to support it. In my mind, if I can't see it, it is... Continue Reading →

Photos from Cheeta the Chimp’s 75th Birthday

Photos from Cheeta the chimpanzee's 75th birthday are making the rounds on the internet. So far Digg and Neatorama put up some links to the photos. I've rounded some of the more adorable ones, from here, but if anyone has others to share, please link us up.

The Return of the Spear Using Chimps

Thanks to afarensis, I woke up this morning to find news that the very same chimps that use spears to hunt, have been observed to use caves during hot days, to avoid the heat. These chimpanzees live in a region of Senegal where it is mostly an, "arid savanna habitat dominated by open grassland and... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Cheeta the Chimpanzee!

From John Lynch, of the blog Stranger Fruit, I got note that tomorrow will be Cheeta, the chimpanzee's birthday. Cheeta will be 75 years old tomorow, making him the oldest, known mind you, living non-human primate. I speak on the behalf of everyone here at, on wishing him a happy birthday with many more... Continue Reading →

Should Chimps have human rights?

Last night, I caught news that Brazilian courts are considering giving chimpanzees human rights, and following suite, Austria may as well give non-human great apes human rights. This may sound alright and dandy, maybe even give some empathy and fuel towards the conservation effort of Great Apes, but I don't like this news one bit. Why you ask?... Continue Reading →

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