In Austria, Hiasl, the Chimpanzee, has been a denied legal guardian

Remember when, I asked y'all about great ape human rights, and brought up how Austrian courts will judge on it earlier this month? I've been keeping track of this news, and caught a News @ Nature piece titled, "Chimp denied a legal guardian," which reports that, "An Austrian judge turned down a request this week... Continue Reading →

The Mountain Gorilla comeback

The Mountain Gorilla, Gorilla beringei beringei, is the primate comeback kid. I previously shared news with you that their population has been making a rebound. Since then, The Times has published a news article on this topic. (Thanks, Paulin!) Before we get into it, I wanted to say that I haven't noticed any US news... Continue Reading →

Keeping track of Primate Conservation

A new public database has been released that overviews the status of endangered and almost extinct animals. I feel like it is a critical and timely resource, especially in regards to primate conservation efforts. The project is called EDGE, and currently lemurs are at the top of the most critically endangered primates on that list,... Continue Reading →

Reducing stress levels at Chester Zoo

A new study has changed the lives of seven mandrills for the better at England’s Chester Zoo. With the help of zoo staff, Durham University researchers found that placing shrubs between the glass enclosure and the visitor’s area reduced stress levels (as seen through aberrant behaviors) and increased natural behaviors. Examples provided: approaching the glass... Continue Reading →

Photo of Geladas in mid-grooming

When I first saw this beautiful image of geladas, I thought it was two males mourning a dead comrade. But after reading the caption, boy was I ever wrong. What's happening here is grooming. I wanted to share this photo with you because grooming is one of the most common behavioral features between all primates,... Continue Reading →

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