New Enclosure at London Zoo: Gorilla Kingdom

On Friday, March 30th, the London Zoo will present a new enclosure to the public, Gorilla Kingdom (check out the website – there’s a fun little gorilla video clip in the header).

Effie, from Leipzig Zoo, joins Bobby and Zaire in an effort to recreate a natural gorilla harem.

The £5.3m project includes indoor and outdoor play areas where the gorillas will live with colubus monkeys.

(photo courtesy of BBC News)

(photo courtesy of BBC News)

4 thoughts on “New Enclosure at London Zoo: Gorilla Kingdom

  1. What an awesome addition for the Gorillas at the London Zoo!!!

    It would be an interesting note to find out if the British government assisted in funding the new enclosure additionally to private donations.

    Thank you Betsy for posting the article!

  2. Wow Patty, excellent photo find. Thanks for sharing it with us. Bobby didn’t seem to care much for British royalty!

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