A call for help in locating chimp facilities near Los Angeles

Last week, we were sent an email asking for help in locating a chimpanzee refuge near Los Angeles. The email specifically asked,

“Do [we know of] any organizations that have a chimp facility near Los Angeles?”

Betsy, rolled up her sleeves and did some serious Googling and the best found match was, Animal Haven Ranch in Caliente, California, which is about two hours outside of LA.

Unfortunately, neither Betsy, nor I, can find a website for more information on this organization and the only sites that pop up are escape/attack related ones, like this. I wanted to extend out the question to our community, and ask if we are on the right track? If so, does Animal Haven Ranch still operate? Does anyone have contact information for this organization or a website? Any help will be doing both us and the visitor that sent us the initial email a great service in helping locate more information on this chimpanzee facility.

3 thoughts on “A call for help in locating chimp facilities near Los Angeles

  1. Oops, forgot to mention that I eventually found an address for an Animal Haven in Caliente, California… not sure if it’s the place I’m thinking of, but here it is just in case:

    161 Charity Rd
    Caliente, CA
    (661) 867-2576

  2. Sweet, thanks for putting up the address. Dave may like to know that… too bad there’s no website found as of now.

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