Nine chimpanzees have a new home at the Save the Chimps facility in Florida

To update Kambiz’s previous mention of Carol Noon’s chimp refuge, nine more chimpanzees arrived at the Save the Chimps 200 acre facility in Florida on Friday bringing the total number of residents to 99.

Dr. Carol Noon, Save the Chimps Director, on their trip from New Mexico:

“When they arrived, I got on the truck and they were all yawning because when they’re on a road trip, they like to stay up late and … look out the window, so when they get here they sleep most of the next day.”

The transfers take quite a bit of time and energy on behalf of the staff as well as the chimps. Social/family groups are formed prior to any moves. Originally estimated to be in 2008, Noon now estimates the completion of the facility to occur mid-2009.

(photo courtesy of Save the Chimps)

The privately funded facility houses 12 separate islands where the chimps have access to indoor and outdoor enclosures. Kudos to Dr. Noon and her staff for creating such a large and amazing facility. I look forward to reading more updates and seeing their Observational Learning Center open up research possibilities and public awareness:

“Our Observational Learning Center will serve to cut through the fog of misunderstanding about this noble, endangered species that is our closest genetic cousin. Participants will gain close insight into the societal structure that chimpanzees create for themselves when allowed to live free of harm’s way. With a television monitor system, people can watch the chimps in their habitat without intruding on their lifestyle.”

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