Since we’re kinda on this whole primate cognition and primatology conference kick, especially with  two recent posts about those subjects, I wanted to share with you what seems will be an awesome conference on chimpanzee cognition.

The conference is called ‘The Mind of the Chimpanzee‘ and is hosted by the Lincoln Zoo. It will start in about two weeks time, on March 22nd 2007, and last for several days.

From what I can tell this conference has been hush-hush but its packing big names in the primatology field. Some of the guest speakers that you may recognize are Drs. Jane Goodall, Frans de Waal, Crickette Sanz, Duane Rumbaugh, Katie Slocombe, Michael Tomasello, and I could go on and on. Not only do they have an outstanding lineup of guest speakers but I’m extremely partial to this subject matter.

So the whole purpose of me posting this, aside from spreading the news about this already exclusive conference, is that if there are any readers out there who are attending please share with us your thoughts after you attend. If you have an pictures or videos please put them up.

I really want to know more about what was discussed, but unfortunately even if there wasn’t a massive waitlist to attend, I’ll be neck deep in finals week then and can’t attend. Sucks how things work out that way. I hope the press picks up some pieces about this conference.