Newborn mountain gorilla in the Congo

If you’ve been following Paulin Ngobobo’s (senior warden with the Congolese wildlife authorities) blog Gorilla Protection, you’ve already seen this great pictures… but I can’t help but spread the good news. A newborn mountain gorilla was born on February 17th, 2007 in the Mikeno sector in the Congo.

Here are the great pictures and info from Paulin’s website:

“The newborn has been named Ndeze (pronounced Deze), after a local tribal chief who died just two days before the birth. These photos were taken when Ndeze was just 4 days old.”


“Mother and baby are doing well, and are being protected by the Silverback Rugendo. The mother, Safari (which means Travel in Swahili), is closely guarded by Rugendo so we were very lucky to be able to take these photos and cause no disturbance whatsoever.”


“Here you can see Safari, Ndeze and Rugendo… he stays close at all times.”


“More great news on the horizon… the adult female Mburanumwe of the same family is also pregnant and due to give birth soon!”

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