Cotton-top Tamarin twins born in Hampshire Zoo

If you’ve never seen a cotton-top tamarin, it doesn’t take much imagination to visualize what they look like. These little monkeys, are native to Colombia, and have a tale-tell head full of white fluffy hair. Cotton-top TamarinThe general outlook on cotton-top tamarin survival has been pretty low because,

“a combination of deforestation and exports for biomedical research during the 1960s and 70s left cotton-top monkeys facing extinction…”

So it news like Hampshire Zoo‘s success in breeding a set of cotton-top tamarin twins is really good news to me. From the BBC,

“The cotton-top tamarin twins were born as part of a breeding programme at Marwell Zoo, near Winchester.

They have been named Zambrono and Tol after places near the Las Coloradas Sanctuary in their native Colombia, South America.

The twins are being nursed and cared for by their mother Magdalena, while dad also shares responsibilities.”

Marwell Zoo has been very successful in rebuilding the cotton-top population (albeit they are in captivity), they have breed over 50 individuals. The twins seem healthy and are being reared by both parents.

I wish the zookeepers the best of luck, and if they happen to read this, keep up the good work!

2 thoughts on “Cotton-top Tamarin twins born in Hampshire Zoo

  1. Great news! I’m just a little confused about the Zoo itself… you referred to the Hampshire Zoo, but when I click on that link it takes me to the Marwell Zoo. Is it simply that the Marwell Zoo is in Hampshire?

    thanks, Paul

  2. Yeah Paul, sorry for not clarifying that. I was hoping no-one would catch that! Haha, oops.

    My understanding is that Marwell and Hampshire zoo either have a cooperation in cotton-top tamarin breeding where they exchange tamarins, or that Marwell Zoo subsidizes Hampshire Zoo in general (kinda like a parent zoo). I don’t know to be truthful though, maybe someone from the UK can help us out?

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