Baby Orangutan & Tiger are the best of friends

Captivity does strange things to animals, but what’s happening at Taman Safari animal hospital in Java, Indonesia is outright remarkable!

They have four babies in their care who normally wouldn’t get along. From the Daily Mail article, “The deadly enemies who are the best of friends,”

“Two Sumatran tiger cubs and two baby orang-utans, each pair abandoned by their mother soon after birth, have become inseparable playmates in the nursery room…

Nia and Irma happily snuggle up to the cubs in a way that five-month-old orang-utan sisters would never normally contemplate.”

In the wild, both species are endangered and Sumatran tigers, “might normally regard a baby orang-utan as a snack.”

And now for the adorable photos:

Irma the abandoned orang-utan puts a comforting hand around Dema the month-old tiger cub, before they both drift off to sleep

The best of friends

P.S. Many thanks to Neatorama, for posting this!

20 thoughts on “Baby Orangutan & Tiger are the best of friends

  1. A touching story!!! Futher proof that companionship, touch, and establishing bonds early in life are crucial to development, both in humans and animals.

  2. How CUTE! I never thought they would fight, but i guess not! You should post more pics.

  3. this looks like me and my boyfriend we like to snuggle also. it makes me happy as it shows that there is atleast one thing good in the world. xxxx

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  5. Esto nos enseña que el cariño atraviesa cualquier barrera, y siendo que los seres humanos tenemos la capacidad de razonar y aún no recapacitamos. Guardemos la esperanza que algún día será.

  6. It’s cute now, but it’ll be heart-breaking when they get too big & strong to play with each other any more!


  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh it’s soooooo adorable I cant believe it’s true I am seriosly gonna tell my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love u all!

    Gemmzi wemzi

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