Gorilla Boogers

One of my favorite blogs, Neatorama, put up a link to a interesting internet find… a Japanese snack called Gorilla Boogers. Leave it to the Japanese to integrate ‘Engrish’, primates, and amazing marketing tactics.

Gorilla BoogersGorilla Boogers are described by the originating blog, Tokyomango, as

“a bunch of raisin-like black beans, I think, but they’re marketed as those funk-nasty snot rockets that caged gorillas like to shoot at spectators at the zoo.

Gorilla boogers were a huge hit among the hoards of kids going to Ueno Zoo for their school field trip. According to the Mainichi Daily News, it was the best-selling product at a nearby Kiosk a few years ago. “

I was in Japan at the time the Mainichi Daily News article was published, specifically November 2002 and I didn’t see this delicacy anywhere. I woulda surely picked up a batch!

Are there any Primatology.org readers out there who have tried Gorilla Boogers? If so, please share with us your experiences… I’m dying to know exactly what they taste like.

4 thoughts on “Gorilla Boogers

  1. Betsy, they look so unappetizing. Did you check out the grapevine of blog posts about it?

    I guess they will be making it to the U.S. and you were right they are a great item to sell at zoos!

  2. Yes, I have seen some of the blog posts about it and I’m having a hard time believing that they are as tasty as everyone claims. I’ll make you a deal… if I can find some, I’ll buy them… but you have to try them first.

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