Franklin Park Zoo’s New Gorilla Exhibit opens Feb. 17, 2007

The Boston Globe‘s Regional Editor sent me a link to a report in his paper about the new gorilla exhibit that will be opening up over the Frankin Park Zoo. Little Joe, the GorillaI thought that some of our visitors who live in that area maybe interested in this news. If you can visit and take some pictures, please do and share them with us.

The report is located here, under this title, “OK, Little Joe, let’s see you get out of this.”The news article reports that the exhibit features a,

“$2.3 million steel-enforced gorilla habitat designed to give… the gorillas, seven in all, more room to play, with steel-reinforced “trees” — the animals would tear apart real ones — and ropes for swinging… The new habitat, which opens to the public Feb. 17, also reflects changing standards in zoos.”

The whole purpose for this renovation was because several of their gorillas escaped. Specifically, if you don’t remember, around three years ago, Little Joe, a gorilla, broke out of the Franklin Park Zoo and attacked a 2-year-old girl. This new exhibit is in response to that escape, which features glass-walled barrier that will let him see his public again — but prevent another escape.

Here is a photo of a more peaceful and calm Little Joe:

Little Joe, a gorilla

One thought on “Franklin Park Zoo’s New Gorilla Exhibit opens Feb. 17, 2007

  1. Iam pleased to see little joe is outside on grass
    and put on some weight and hair grown back. He’s
    a handsome fellow and I am pleased he is wi th
    other gorillas so nice as well. God Bless them.

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