Science’s overview of the debate on the benefits and costs of biomedical studies with chimps

John Cohen has contributed a little news focus in the current issue of Science, that I’d love to get my hands on. Unfortunately, my current university doesn’t have access to the latest issues of Science and from what I can read of Cohen’s news item, it really sparks my interests! It is titled, “The Endangered Lab Chimp” and here’s all you get as a visitor,

“A decline in the number of chimpanzees available for biomedical research in the United States has sparked a growing debate on the opportunities and costs of studies with our closest relatives.”

For me, this is a really heated debate. I personally have seen and read about some critical research done on chimps that have advanced biomedical research and in the long run bettered human lives… but I really am torn on the benefits versus the costs of subjugating chimpanzees to confinement and invasive medical torture.

I’d love to see what Cohen has to summarize about this debate and how the medical and biological communities are siding. Anyone with access to Science care to share it with me? You can email it, or upload it and link it up by commenting to this thread. Thanks!

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