I’m extremely humbled by and welcome the cohesive comments shared by Paulin Ngobobo & Patty Hoaglund, on the on going tragedy of mountain gorilla killings in the Congo, it breaks my heart to share with you more upsetting news.

National Geographic News shares with us some words and pictures of the the killings, “Mountain Gorillas Eaten by Congolese Rebels.” They preface their piece with a disclaimer saying, “Warning: This story contains a graphic image that may be disturbing to some readers.” And with no doubts what you will see and read there is horrific, but, to those of us who have been tracking this news,what we read there is nothing new.

Instead, I am sharing with you an image because I do hope that this photograph will extend farther than what our community currently reaches out too. This tragedy is horrific. More people need to see this.

Karema, a dead mountain gorilla’s, remains.

The remains, including the head, feet, and skin, of a mountain gorilla called Karema were found recently dumped in human excrement in a pit latrine.

Karema is the second mountain gorilla killed and eaten by rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo this month, raising fears that a mass slaughter of the critically endangered animals is underway.

Photograph courtesy WildlifeDirect