UK’s research organizations to back the use of primates in scientific experiments

There's news coming from the BBC that is reporting that the Weatherall committee, in the United Kingdom, will be supporting use of non-human and non-great ape primates for studies that can reduce human suffering and loss of life. This is another example of a poignant piece on ethics and morals in primatology, that I have... Continue Reading →

Male chimpanzees choose older females as sexual attraction increases with age

In a recent Current Biology article, “Male Chimpanzees Prefer Mating with Old Females,” Muller, Thompson, and Wrangham report on the sexual attraction of males to females in the Kanyawara chimpanzee community in Kibale National Park, Uganda. The authors indicate that female chimpanzee mothers become more sexually attractive with age. A concept that is contrary to... Continue Reading →

Growing up Gorilla at Lefini Faunal Reserve

From Pharyngula, I got this image of a orphaned baby gorilla holding a human hand at Lefini Faunal Reserve. It is actually from 1998. Dates aside, this photo effectively captures the emotions of "bush-meat orphans," young gorillas whose mothers are illegally killed by poachers for meat, without showing face. In case you wanted to put... Continue Reading →

Vote Monkey

Suffice to say, I have neglected this blog for the last several months. My excuses, in case you were wondering, were working on the weekends, taking 24 quarter units (around twice the normal class load), and trying to keep my other blogs running. But I'm back, and I have invited others to co-blog here to... Continue Reading →

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