Photos of Black Apes looking into a mirror and Tarsier’s curious stare

I saw these images from a link on Neatorama to nature photographer Solvin Zankl’s website and gallery, and I had to share.

I especially liked the photographs of some black apes (Macaca nigra) looking into a broken off car mirror. It is an awesome moment and it captures these primates as they discover and become aware of themselves, or at least their reflections. Also the Tarsier’s (Tarsius spectrum) stare is awesome.

Here’s the thumbnails. Click on each to goto a higher resolution image on the photographer’s site.

celebes-black-ape-macaca-nigra-1.jpg celebes-black-ape-macaca-nigra-3.jpg tarsier-tarsius-spectrum-1.jpg celebes-black-ape-macaca-nigra-2.jpg

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