Capturing a momma gorilla and her newborn

Maryke Gray, of the blog The Virung Gorillas, has captured a remarkable moment and put it up for all of us to enjoy. TNew Born Mountain Gorillahe moment is of a mother Mountain Gorilla and her new born, which is an extremely rare shot to get. Maryke describes the moments prior, during, and after the birth,

“We were monitoring the gorillas early in the morning when a female caught our attention. We suddenly realised that we were going to witness a gorilla giving birth. This is incredibly unusual and has only been noted two or three times in the past. The mother, gave no observable indication that birth was imminent, and delivered her infant quickly and easily. Like other mammals, the birth commenced with the water sac which was broken after a couple of minutes by the mother picking at it. The baby came very quickly (a matter of minutes from start to finish), the mother picked up the infant and started to lick her child to clean it. The other members of the family were unaware of what had taken place and they continued their normal activities, as the female had moved away from the group into the bamboo to give birth alone. After giving birth, the female moved back to join the group with her infant, at which point the other gorillas became aware that a birth had taken place. At this point there was fighting between all the females over the placenta, as all the females wanted a share. The silverback had to intervene to calm the situation down and to protect the new baby and mother. After the situation had quietened down the females were very curious and all of them came close to the new mother to observe the new baby.

This infant represents an important contribution to the Virunga mountain gorilla population which is critically endangered, numbering only approximately 380 individuals. There survival over the past decade, at the heart of a long and brutal civil war, is little less than a miracle.”

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  1. Survival seems to have priority over concern for a fellow gorilla, as the females first try to get their share of a nutritious placenta. However, they also exhibit the tender side when they crowd around the mother and the newborn. Thus selfishness and altruism co-exist, as in many humans, especially in poverty-stricken or resource poor sections.

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