Animal Legal Defense Fund fights for & frees two Hollywood Chimps

Normally, I am a bit weary about animal activist groups, because once at my university there was a fire that was rumored to be set by the Animal Liberation Front in protest of primate research. Their little bit of activism ended up killing several chimpanzees, which was devastating, even though there are some debates whether it a chimp should continue to live in horrific conditions.

However the news that comes from a legal battle that was fought by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), shows me this organization acts in a much more civilzed manner. By working the legal system, they try to fight for against the abuse of animals. Which is far better than igniting places in protest.

They specifically win points in my book because their campaign, called No Reel Apes, intends to “end the use of primates in entertainment,” according to a BBC News release, as well as the ALDF’s own news, on their latest accomplishment. If you don’t know about the use of primates in television and film, there are reports that these animals are tormented and tortured in order to comply with getting the perfect shot.

While I love seeing those video clips of chimpanzees on set acting like humans, I know the filming of the clip was not smooth for the chimps themselves. According to some reports, Sid Yost, Sid Yost kissing two chimpsthe trainer of two chimpanzees, he abused his chimps to comply in productions such as That 70s Show and upcoming sequel to Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty. The names of the chimps are Sable, a female, and Cody, a male. They lived at Mr. Yost’s ranch in San Bernardino for five years with Angel, an older female. There’s an image of Sid and two chimps kissing in a primate threesome, to your right.

Recently the ALDF helped liberate these animals. Angel is going to Florida. I wonder if she, Sable, and Cody will going to Carol Noon’s Center for Captive Chimpanzee Care? That’s good news for me because these animals will now not be subjugated to the torment of filming on set… regardless of the account of abuse or what not.

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