Canada’s blood donor form now asks if you’ve ever worked with monkeys

The Canadian blood donor form has a new question, “Have you, in your past or present job, taken care of or handled monkeys or their body fluids?” The Canadian Press reports that it’s being used as a precautionary measure to avoid the Simian Foamy Virus (SFV), thought to be contracted through bites and scratches from... Continue Reading →

Examining the genetic variation between humans and chimpanzees may help develop cures for several diseases

In a paper from the November issue of Genome Research, researchers from the Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at the National Health Research Institutes are closely examining the genetic variation between humans and chimpanzees (I don’t have access to it yet – free online access is available to Genome Research articles 6 months after publication,... Continue Reading →

Rehabilitated orangutans to be released into the wild

Soon the Baktikop forest will have few more inhabitants. According to Willie Smith, founder of BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival) Foundation (as reported in ANTARA News), the Forestry Ministry will allow for about 200 orangutans to be released to the protected Baktikop forest in early 2007. The Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Center in Central Kalimantan... Continue Reading →

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